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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday: Mike's NYC Tours Garment District Tour

What: Mike's NYC Tours Garment District Tour

Where: Tour Meets at 7th Ave. & 39th St. at the Statute of the Garment Worker
              New York, NY

Who: All ages

Me- Mike NYC Tours Garment District Tour was fun. I liked that it was very interesting. We learned a lot learned about the fashion industry. I didn't know a lot of the stuff until we went on the tour. One thing we learned was that you could tell that a building was a garment factory because there would be steaming coming out of the building from the irons. I loved all the colorful fabrics in the shop windows we passed. I love colorfulness. We got to go to a factory where they make jewelry.  They had a lot of jewelry for sale in their showroom.  The jewelry was very pretty. I especially liked the necklaces and bracelets because I just like necklaces and bracelets. In the garment district, there was a giant statute of a man sewing a garment. That was where our tour started. There was also  a fashion walk of fame which is like the Hollywood walk fame for fashion people instead of Hollywood people. The fashion walk of fame has plaques instead of stars. We did not stop  at all of the plaques. We just stopped at some of them. It was fun to learn about some of the designers though. Someday, I would like to walk along and read all the plaques. Over all, it was a great tour. If you are a fan of fashion, you would definitely love this tour.

Mom- If you love fashion and/or history, and you are interested in a tour that won't break your budget, Mike's NYC Tours provide free tours of New York's garment district. On this tour, you will visit iconic garment industry sites including the Fashion Walk of Fame and maybe even a showroom and/or a factory. You will also learn about the history of the fashion industry and how it has changed with the advent of computers among other things. Mike Kaback, the owner and operator of Mike's NYC Tours is uniquely qualified to provide these tours since he spent many years working in the New York garment industry himself. Accordingly, his tours give you not just an overview of the industry, but an insider's perspective. While there is no age requirement for the tour,  it is not recommended for young children since it does involve a lot of walking around and listening to someone talk for long periods of time. It is also not recommended for anyone who has trouble standing or walking for long periods of time because the tour is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours long and does not involve a lot of sitting. While the tour is free, reservations are required. Tours are not given every day so if you are interested in attending one check out the schedule at http://garmentdistrict.nyc/plan-your-visit/walking-tours/ for information on when tours are available and how to reserve your space on one.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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