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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday - BroadwayCon 2017

What: BroadwayCon

Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
             West Side
             New York, NY

When: January 27-29, 2017
              For information about future BroadwayCons visit the web-site  at                
              http://www.broadwaycon.com/. We will also share information about any future
              BroadwayCons on this blog when and/if it becomes available

Who: All ages

Me- BroadwayCon 2017 was extraordinarily fun! I had a great time! It was a big convention related to everything about Broadway. It's my favorite place I ever went other than to Broadway shows. I liked the different booths. You could get a lot of free stuff like hats, possibly a shirt, possibly a CD, bookmarks, ribbons, and brochures. You could get lots of stickers too. You could sign up to try to win a bunch of different things. There were people from all different companies including Show Score, Audience Rewards, and Be A Broadway Star. You could also go to panels.We didn't really go to a lot of panels. It seemed like every time we wanted to go to a panel, the doors were already closed because we waited too long. If I go again, I would like to go to more panels. They seemed really cool. The panels included one on new Broadway musicals, there were also ones on different shows, there were ones on different things about shows. We went to one on this book  this guy wrote about when he was younger and went to a bunch of shows for hardly any money. He was interviewed by Iain Artmitage. Iain is about 8 years old or so. He has been reviewing Broadway shows since he was 4, and he is also an actor.  He's in at least three movies coming out and the mini series Little Big Lies. He is really friendly and outgoing. He talked to us once in the drama book store and again at BroadwayCon.  There were also autograph sessions. We got to go to one for Waitress because a lady gave us her voucher because she wanted to leave. The autograph sessions were free, but you had to sign up ahead of time. Some people at BroadwayCon wore costumes from shows that they liked. Over all, BroadwayCon was a really fun place. I can't wait for BroadwayCon next year because I really want to go again!

Mom - What ComicCon does for comics and televisions shows, BroadwayCon does for Broadway and live theater. Whether you are already a fan of Broadway or you just want to learn more about it, this is the place to be. Here you can you can sing along to show tunes, you can get meet Broadway stars and get autographs, you can take workshops given by theater professionals, and you can buy all kinds of Broadway merchandise,  some of which is one of a kind. That is only a small portion of the things that are available to see and do at BroadwayCon. There are a multitude of panels you can attend  regarding particular aspects of the theater, particular shows, upcoming shows or a variety of other topics. There are booths representing just about everything you can think about related to theater including theater camps, theater soundtracks, theater related web-sites and theater memorabilia among other things. There are a ton of contests to enter offering amazing Broadway related prizes. It is truly a theater lover's dream. The only drawback is that BroadwayCon can be a bit pricey especially for those with a limited budget particularly if you want to attend all three days of the convention. A discount rate was offered for students to this year's BroadwayCon. If any other discounts were available, we are unaware of them. However, tickets are all inclusive and once you pay for your ticket everything else is included. Of course, if you want to purchase any of the merchandise available for sale, you do have to pay for that separately. Also, some things do need to be registered for in advance, like autograph sessions, even though they are still free. If you are a theater fan, and you can afford to attend even one day of BroadwayCon, it is definitely worth it. For more about BroadwayCon visit their web-site at http://www.broadwaycon.com/.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.        

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