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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Magician Steven Brundage at iPlay America

We were given free tickets to tickets to Steven Brundage's magic show at iPlay America for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience viewing the show.

What: Steven Brundage Magician

Where :iPlay America
             110 Schank Road
             Freehold, NJ

When: October 22, 2016
            (For future tour dates and locations visit his web-site at http://stevenbrundagemagic.com/)

Who: All ages

Me - Steven Brundage is a magician who appeared on America's Got Talent. We saw him at iPlay America. His magic show was really cool. I never saw him on America's Got Talent but I'm happy I got to see him at iPlay America.  His tricks were really wonderful.  One of my favorite's was a trick where he was doing a card trick and he had a closed case with a card in it. He said the case was an emergency card pack. He let this girl  from the audience pick a card. He had her sign her name on the card she picked. When he opened the emergency case the card she had signed was in it.  For another trick, he told people to look in a book he gave them and pick out any word of their choice. Then, he knew what words they had picked without them telling him. For one person, he wrote down the exact location in the dictionary of the word she had picked instead of just writing down the word itself. The show was unbelieveably incredible! It was a really fun magic show, and I would really recommend seeing Steven Brundage if he comes to a town near you.

Mom - Stephen Brundage's  was a top 12 finalist on season 11 of America's Got Talent. He is such a talented magician that he was even able to fool Penn & Teller on their TV show, Penn & Teller Fool Us. . Check it out on YouTube here. He is also know for being the magician that got out a speeding ticket by doing magic. Check that out on YouTube here. He definitely puts on a very entertaining magic show.  Steven is best know for his amazing Rubik's Cube routine.He can not only solve a Rubik's Cube quickly; he can solve it when it is in a paper bag or when throwing it up in the air or even when throwing it up in the air behind his back.  No one else can solve a Rubik's cube quite like he can. Steven also does card tricks  and tricks where he seems to read people's minds and a variety of other tricks. His show is great for all ages. There are no scantily clad women or terrifying tricks that would frighten small children or anything like that. It is all just good clean fun magic. His show will definitely hold your attention from beginning to end and surprise you in so many ways. The only bad thing is that it ends all too quickly or at least it seems too. It definitely isn't even two hours long though. However, that makes the show a good choice even for people with shorter attention spans. For more about Steven Brundage visit his web-site at http://stevenbrundagemagic.com. For more about other other great shows and events at iPlay America including  an upcoming show featuring more talented magicians who have appeared on America's Got Talent, Kadan Bart Rockett and Brooklyn, go to http://www.iplayamerica.com/events . Keep following our Where-To-Go Wednesday and Sunday Scoop posts  as well where will talk more about other iPlay America shows and events in future posts.

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