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Monday, October 10, 2016

Ideas for Broadway Inspired Halloween Costumes

Me- Here are five ideas for Broadway inspired Halloween costumes

1) School of Rock -  Any of the Kids - What you need: An outfit that looks like a school uniform and an instrument if you don't have a real one you can use a toy one.

2) Waitress - Any of the Waitresses -What you need:  Blue dress, white apron, note pad, and pencil
3) Wicked - Elphaba - What you Need : Witch costume and green face and body paint
4) Grease  - Sandy (end of show)  What you need: Black shirt, black pants, black leather jacket , curly, frizzy hair.
5) The Addams Family - Wednesday - What you need: Black dress, black or white tights, black shoes, black hair or wig in braids, and a serious expression.

Mom - Here are five more ideas for Broadway inspired Halloween Costumes

6) Cats - Any of the Cats -  What You Need: Cat ears, Cat tail, body suit, black lipstick, black nose, black whiskers (nose and whiskers can be drawn on)
7) Newsies - Any of the newsboys - What You Need: Button down shirt, page boy hat, vest, or suspenders, newspaper

8) Seussical - Cat in the Hat - What You Need: Same as for cat with red and white striped hat

9) Phantom of the Opera - The Phantom - Cape and half mask

10) The TKTS Booth and Line - 
Booth - What You Need: Large piece of cardboard with the names of Broadway shows, string to put it around you neck 
Line - Pictures of people standing around, tape to tape the pictures to yourself

And that's our view. What is the most creative Halloween costume you've ever thought of or seen?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

Photo credits:
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