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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tips for Tuesday- Books: Ginger Pye, 101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety and The Wedding Shop

We may have been given some of the below mentioned books for review purposes. This post may also contain affiliate links, if you click on a link and make a purchase we may be compensated. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on reading the books.
Me - Today I am recommending Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes.  It is about a dog named Ginger who gets stolen so his owners are trying to find out who took him and get him back. I like it because I like animal books because I love animals. It was a pretty quick read. It had good characters and an interesting plot. It had a way of hooking  the reader so that it makes the reader want to keep reading more.

Mom - Today I am recommending two feel good books. One helps teenagers to feel better by teaching them ways to handle their anxiety. The other makes you feel good reading it.
101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety by Dr. Thomas McDonald & Jon Patrick Hatcher - The title of this book is misleading. It is not so much about conquering anxiety as alleviating it. Anxiety doesn't just usually just go away permanently no matter how you deal with it as the authors point out in the book. It usually comes and goes to greater and lesser degrees depending on the situation. The trick is learning tactics for alleviating anxiety. That is where this book comes in. It talks about different sources of anxiety and why they cause anxiety. and it provides a variety of methods for alleviating anxiety. The books is co-written by a doctor and a lay person. This balances the book out. Jon Patrick Hatcher is an individual who has suffered from anxiety in his life and learned to cope with it. His experiences are very relatable. Dr. Thomas McDonald gives the book a legitimacy it would not otherwise have. With him involved, you know the advice given in the book is not only good advice but medically sound. There are so many tactics for dealing with anxiety provided in this book that there is sure to be one that can be useful to just about anyone in just about any situation. This makes the book a good choice not only for teens to deal with their anxiety but for adults as well.
The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck is a book that makes you feel good. It is a doubly romantic tale telling both the story of Cora Scott the owner of  a wedding shop in the 1930s and that of Hailey Morgan who decides to reopen the shop over eighty years later. Both of their stories are really sweet and touching. Either one of these stories would have made a charming tale on its own. However, having them together just adds to the enjoyment of the book. It actually turns out that the two woman have more in common than just the wedding shop.  To say more about that would be a spoiler. Anyone who likes a good love story will like this book especially if they like a good love story that focuses on the romance and not the physical manifestations of love.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

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