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Monday, August 22, 2016

Let's Talk About The 2016 Olympics

Me  - I love the Olympics. I like the summer Olympics better than the Winter Olympics. There are more sports in the summer Olympics that I like. In the winter, I only like skating. In the summer, I like Swimming, Diving, Gymnastics, Synchronized Swimming, and Track. I like the Equestrian events a little too, but mostly because I like watching the horses. I felt happy that our country won the most medals. I really liked watching the Women's Gymnastics. I especially like the floor exercise and the balance beam. I think those are the most interesting events. The vault is not as interesting, but it's quick. The uneven bars always seems the same.  It was cool that one of the people on the track team was from our town. He only made it to the semi-finals. Also, one of the gymnasts lives in a town right near us. It was interesting to find out that Michael Phelps all by himself won more total medals in Olympic swimming history than any individual country except the U.S. and Australia. He is a really good swimmer, and his son is really cute! The diver, David Boudia  also has a really cute baby. Overall, I really enjoyed this year's Summer Olympics.
Mom - I love the Olympics, and I hate it. I love it because it so fun to watch the way the world comes together in peace for two weeks,  and I enjoy seeing the top athletes in so many sports competing. I hate it though because I get so wrapped up in it that it's hard to get anything else done for those two weeks. There are some sports that I watch even when it isn't the Olympics like Gymnastics. However, there are many more that I only usually watch during the Olympics like Swimming and Diving and Track. Even though I don't usually follow these sports, I look forward to seeing them in the Olympics every four years. This has been an especially good Olympics for the U.S. not just because we won the most medals but because we won medals in events that we have never really done well in before like  the Women's Steeplechase and events that we haven't done well in in years like the Men's 1500 Meters. There are so many things that I particularly enjoyed about this year's Olympics. Here are just a few: 

1) Seeing Michael Phelps doing so well and winning more medals in his final races and appreciating not only his talent but also the way he has matured over the years from a cocky young kid to the team leader he is today.

2) Seeing Simone Biles,who had been anointed prior to the Olympics  as pretty much the best gymnast ever, live up to all the hype.

3) Seeing Aly Raisman get her revenge for the bronze medal she was cheated out of in  the Women's all-around competition of the the last Olympics by winning the silver just ahead of the same athlete who won the bronze over her in the last Olympics.

4) Seeing a kid from my own town competing in the Olympic games even if he didn't even make it to the finals and seeing a girl from a neighboring town shine in the Olympics on a team mostly loaded with athletes who are much more well-known than she is.

5) Seeing so many examples of true sportsmanship not only by individuals and between teammates but between competitors as well. With news so full of horrible things all the time and people against each other, the Olympics really shows how people can come together and be united. This year maybe even more than any other I feel like we really needed that. The next Olympic games can't come fast enough.
And that's our view. What did you like about the 2016 Olympic games?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday

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