Friday, August 26, 2016

Funtivity Friday - Create A Puzzle: Make Up Your Word Searches

A fun and easy thing to do with your family or friends is make up your own word searches, and then, solve each other's.


What You Will Need

A blank piece of paper
A pen or pencil


1) Choose a theme

2) Make up a list of words that go along with that theme and put them at the bottom of the blanket sheet of paper. 

3) Put all the words into a grid at the top of the page. Words can go across. They can go up and down. They can go diagonally. They can go forwards or they can go backwards. See above.

4) Fill in arbitrary letters in the blank spaces in each line until the entire page is filled.

5) Swap puzzles with your friends or family members and start finding the words.


Tune in tomorrow for a Saturday Special.

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