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Thursday, August 25, 2016

On Location Tours and and the New York International Fringe Festival

We were given a free On Location Tour for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.

Me - On Location Tours was fun. We went on a bus and saw places  where they filmed TV and movies.  As we drove by places, they showed clips from movies and TV shows that took place in that location. We also got to get out at three of the locations. They were Washington Square Park, the Friends apartment and the Ghostbusters firehouse.  The Friends apartment house looks a lot different than it does on the show. We also saw the Friends fountain from the opening credits of the show. It is a lot smaller on the show. That is because they did not use the really fountain they made a copy of it. I never knew that so many movies and TV shows were filmed in New York. Our tour guide, Ryan was really nice. My sister, Melia really liked him because he was a stand-in for Corey Montheith when Glee filmed in New York. I enjoyed our On Location Tour, and I would like to find out about what other tours they have.

We were given free tickets for review purposes to the shows discussed below which are part of this year's New York International Fringe Festival. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on on our experience.

Me -I liked Fairy Tale Christmas the musical.  Fairy Tales Christmas the musical was about fairy tale villains. They wanted to kidnap Santa and rewrite the endings of fairy tales to get what they want. The actors all played the heroes and the villains too. They wore jackets when they were the villians, and they took them off when they were heroes. So they kept taking them on and off sometimes even in the same scene. It was funny. I liked the story. It was very original. The acting was good. The songs were enjoyable, but I don't remember them except for one about sweet revenge. There was also a song sung by Santa's Elves. I don't remember the song though. The story wrapped up very nicely, and I like that they told what happened to everybody after the story ended.

Me - I liked Swashbuckling Sam and the Tale of Blackbeard's Revenge. It was about this girl, Sam, She went on  a pirate ship and had an adventure. The show was good. The story was good. There were two skeltons in the show. It was funny because one had an ordinary name, and the other was called Bloody Eyeball. There were a lot of funny parts in the show. It wasn't really scary. Long John Silver, the Pirate Captain, kept talking to these two little kids in the front row like they were part of the pirate crew. At the end of the show, he carried one of them up on stage for a curtain call. It was funny because the little boy was looking around like he didn't know how he got there. My favorite character was Sam. She was very brave. There were puppets in the show too. They were birds and a map. They were okay. It was kind of weird that the bird's name was Dog. It was a good show, and I would recommend going.

And that's Aurella's view. Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.

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