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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Special- An Interview With Actor Eric Fletcher of Literally Alive Theatre

Eric Fletcher as Ebenzer Scrooge
Actor, Eric Fletcher has appeared in numerous children's productions at Literally Alive Theatre. His roles have included the Queen of Hearts in Cinderella, the Fish Witch in The Little Mermaid, The evil stepmother in  Cinderella, and Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. We recently had the opportunity to speak with him.

Question : When and how did Eric first get interested in acting?

Answer: When Eric was between 4th and 5th grade his community theatre was having a show. His mom asked if he wanted to go to an audition  for the show so he went, and he got in the show. He loved it. The show was a musical version of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe (note: there is currently a version of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe running off Broadway. We will be posting a review and having a ticket giveaway in future posts).

Question. Has Eric had an kind of professional training?

Answer: He went to college for acting, and he has a BFA in acting.

Question: How did Eric end up at Literally Alive Theatre?

Answer: He saw an audition notice for The Little Mermaid in Backstage Magazine when he was first in New York.  He auditioned but didn't get cast. A few months later he read for The Velveteen Rabbit and got a part. He has been working at Literally Alive Theatre ever since.

Question: What is Eric's favorite role he ever played?

Answer: The Phantom in Phantom of the Opera

Question: Who are some celebrities who have inspired Eric?

Answer: Lady Gaga and Ian McKellan

Question: What is Eric's dream role?

Answer:  The Emcee in Cabaret

Question: Would he ever want to be in a TV show or movie or does he prefer live theater?

Answer: He would love to do an hour long drama on TV. However, he loves the experience of live theater that you don't get in film.

Question: Does he have any pre-performance rituals?

He touches his ear and says "Showtime Synergy" something he picked up from the show Jem and Holograms.

Question: What is his favorite thing about acting?

Answer: He loves being able to live the life of someone else for a while and experiencing what that is like.

Question: What advice would he give aspiring young actors?

Answer: Never give up and always give it your all.

You can currently see Eric in Literally Alive Theatre's Production of Alice in Wonderland through November 8.  For more information about that or to order tickets go to http://www.literallyalive.com/shows/alice.html. 
We thank Eric for taking the time to meet with us.

Eric Flecther as The Queen of Hearts
 Tune in tomorrow for this week's Sunday Scoop.

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