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Friday, October 30, 2015

Funitvity Friday - Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Here are some quick last minute Halloween costumes that can probably be put together easily for anyone who literally waited until the last minute to find a costume.

1) Prom Queen -
What you'll need: A nice dress, a pair of heels , a tiara (you can probably get a cheap plastic one in any toy store or dollar store).

2) Beauty Queen-
What you'll need same as above but make yourself a sash that says Miss USA or Miss America or whatever you want.

3) Farmer -
What you'll need a flannel shirt, a pair of overalls and a straw hat

4)  Cowboy or Cowgirl-
What you'll need : Jeans (or a jean skirt for a cowgirl) flannel shirt and boots

5) A ghost -
What you'll need: A sheet with two holes cut out for eyes

6) A jogger:
What you'll need a sweatsuit, sneakers and maybe some sweatbands

7) An Olympic medalist:
What you'll need: same as above but instead of sweatbands a fake gold medal (you may be able to get one in a dollar or toy store or you can make your own)

8) A sleepwalker :
What you'll need: pajamas, slippers

9) A bride or a groom:
What you'll need for a bride - a white dress and a veil ; for a groom - a suit

10) An athlete-
What you'll need: a sports jersey, pants, and sneakers

Happy Halloween!


Tune in tomorrow for a Saturday Special.

photo credits:
photo credit 1: Butte and a Pumpkin via photopin (license)
 photo credit 2: K├╝rbis in der Dunkelheit via photopin (license)

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