I started this blog with one daughter, kept it up with the other, to spend time together doing something we enjoyed.
However, things change and people evolve. My daughters are older, busier, and not as interested in writing.
From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
Nothing else will change. We'll still focus on sharing fun places to go, fun things to do, and more, and we would  still love to hear your views too

Monday, October 19, 2015

Our cats in their sometimes terrible twos

Me - Pippi and Callie at age 2, wow! Pippi is the sweetest animal I ever met. She makes everyone feel loved, and she's really friendly. She thinks she is a person. She even has a spot at our dinner table. She likes people food better than her own food. She has to eat her own food, but my Dad is always giving her people food too. She is so used to him giving her food that now she tries to eat it right off his plate. Callie is also sweet but only sometimes. She only wants to be pet when she's in the mood, and then you have to pet her or she gets mad. She is really really possessive. When she wants to, she can make you feel really loved, but usually she doesn't want. They are both a lot of trouble. Pippi is not afraid of anything. Usually after a while, Callie follows her lead. I love my cats so much, and I wouldn't trade them for any other pet.



Mom - It's hard to believe that my two littlest girls, our cats, Pippi and Callie are already two. Much like my human daughters, these two are very different in temperament and personality. Pippi is the sweetest most easygoing cat I have ever known. If she doesn't want to settle down with us, it is not because she is being a typical aloof cat, but because she is too busy seeing what new mischief she can get into. She can and does get into plenty of mischief from unrolling and ripping up the toliet paper to knocking things off counters to play with, to stealing straws. For some unknown reason, Pippi is obsessed with straws. Pippi gets into so much mischief that I always say that God made Pippi so cute so that we are willing to forgive her for all the trouble she gets into. We also are so willing to forgive her because, she is so sweet. When Pippi wants to settle down with one of us, she has a way of making us feel so completely loved. She either likes to lie right next to us and snuggle up to us or she lies between our legs. Often at night she lies next to me under the covers and curls up right against me. Callie is much more the typical aloof cat. She only bothers with one of us when she wants to bother with us and when she wants attention she demands it. Callie has no qualms about knocking a book out of our hands or sitting down on the computer or otherwise getting in the way if and when she decides that she wants attention. When she wants attention it is not  enough for her to be with us, we need to be petting her. When she doesn't want to be with you, she has this way of making you feel completely unloved. Sometimes if you pet her when she doesn't want to be petted, she not only backs away from you but she glares at you as though you had no business ever petting her in the first place. Although, she is not generally as much trouble as Pippi, she can be trouble as well. She is particularly fond of socks and if you open a sock drawer when she is around, she will literally get in and start tossing the socks out of  the drawer to play with. Also, if you are not careful with small objects, Callie will find them and claim them for her own and you never know where in the house you will find them. Anyway, no matter how much trouble they may sometimes get into my furry girls are my babies just as much as my human daughters,and I love them equally as much. I can hardly remember a time when I didn't have them, and I can't imagine life without them.
And that's our view. Do you have any furry family members and if so are they as much trouble as ours?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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