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Friday, October 23, 2015

Funtivity Friday - Art Project - Pumpkin People

Here is a fun Halloween craft.

What you will need:

Markers or crayons
Buttons (optional)
Glitter (optional)
Cotton Balls (optional)


1) Cut a circle out of piece of orange paper. If you don't have orange paper, you can use white paper and color it in orange before or after you cut it out.

2) Glue buttons to the circle for eyes. If you don't have buttons,  you  can use a marker or crayons to draw eyes on.

3) Glue on a smaller button for a nose. If you prefer or if you don't have buttons, you can draw a nose with markers or crayons.

4) Draw on a mouth.

5) Cut out four strips from a black piece of paper. If you don't have black paper, you can use white paper and color it in black.The strips should be thin but not too thin about an inch or so thick is good. 

6) Fold each of the black strips like a fan.

7) Glue the top fold of each strip to the back of the pumpkin. Two near the top for arms. Two near the bottom for legs.

 If you want you, can personalize your pumpkin person by making a hat. In the example below, we made a hat by cutting out a hat shape from a piece of colored paper and decorating it with buttons, glitter and a cotton ball for a pompom. However, you can create and design a hat for your pumpkin person, however, you want,


Tune in Sunday for this week's Scoop.

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