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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Liberty, A Monumental New Musical

 Me- Liberty, wow! Liberty is a show about the Statue of Liberty. The singing was really good. I don't specifically remember any of the songs though. The acting was pretty good too. The little girl who played Liberty looked a lot younger than she is. She had a nice singing voice. I liked the character of  a Jewish woman. I don't know what her name was but she was funny. There was also this Irish guy. He was funny too. They sang a song about who had it worse. It was like they wanted to have it worse,  and they were competing over it. I didn't really like the history part of the show. However, if I have to learn things it is much more fun to learn things  through a show than learn them through a school lesson. I like that this show taught things but there was a story to it. It could also be a good show for kids who have Immigration Day in school. Liberty is a good show.

Mom - We saw the show Liberty at the end of a very long day in which we had already attended 2 other shows so we were not about to be entertained by just anything. However, we were looking forward to the show because both my girls had studied immigration when each of them was in the second grade and each of them had participated in Immigration Day in which they got to pretend to be immigrants coming to America for the first time. Over all, the show was good. The singing, dancing, and acting were all good. We especially enjoyed Abigail Shapiro as Liberty. Hard to believe she is only 14. Her little sister was one of the original girls who played Mathilda in the Broadway show of the same name. I guess talent must run in their family. I admire the way the other actors in Liberty  were able to seamlessly switch from one character to another and back again. My favorite songs were the humorous "We Had It Worse" and the touching "Huddled Masses". I also like that I was even able to learn a thing or two about the Statue of Liberty that I never knew before seeing the show. For instance, I never knew that even though France gave the Statue to America, the Americans had to raise money for a pedestal themselves and that the statute was almost send back to France. All in all, the show was entertaining and informative, and I enjoyed it.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.

photo credit: nicksarebi via photopin cc

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