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Monday, November 10, 2014

Funny TV Moments

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Me - Funny TV Moments, wow! We watched a show about TV's funniest moments. Some of them were really funny some were not. There are many other funny moments that have been on TV. Friends, for example, is a very funny show. Some funny things that happened on Friends were when Joey found out Monica and Chandler were dating, when Rachel found out Monica and Chandler were dating, when Phoebe found out Monica and Chandler were dating, and when Ross found out Monica and Chandler were dating. Another show with a lot of funny moments is Glee. Almost everything that comes out of Brittany's mouth is funny. The only time she didn't say anything funny was when Sue wanted to shoot her out of a cannon. Another funny show is Raising Hope.The character of Shelly is always making up funny songs. In the Big Bang Theory it was really funny when Sheldon gave Amy a Tiara, and she thought she was a princess. That same episode it was also really funny when Howard was doing a magic show with Bernadette as his assistant, and she didn't want to let a little kid who was heckling Howard have any cake. There are so many funny moments on TV. I can't even begin to name them all.

Mom - We watched a show about the funniest TV moments of all time. Allegedly, the public had voted on what exactly the funniest moments on TV were. Some of them were really funny like Cliff on the Cosby show using monopoly money to explain to Theo about how high the cost of living really is and Seinfeld's Soup Nazi. Others, I did not think were very funny at all or maybe they would have been more funny in the context of the whole episode of that particular show. There are so many other funnier moments or at least equally as funny moments. There was the time when Stephanie drove a car through the house in Full House. There was the time when MawMaw tried to remove the batteries from that doll, a doll that was actually her great granddaughter, Hope on Raising Hope. There was Laura getting her toe stuck in the drain of the tub on The Dick Van Dyke show. There was the last episode of Newhart when Bob woke up next to his TV wife from his previous series, and it turned out all of his current series was just a dream. There was all the guys one at a time hitting on the actress Summer Glau on a train on an episode of The Big Bang Theory. These episodes I have named might not even have been the funniest episodes  of the series they were a part of. They are just funny episodes that happen to come to mind right now. There have been many other funny episodes of these series. There have been many other funny episodes of other shows that I haven't even mentioned here. I am sure there are many funny episodes of shows I've never even seen. Funny is in the eye (and ear) of the beholder, and if you ask ten different people you will probably get ten different views of what exactly are the funniest TV episodes of all time. As for me, I couldn't tell you what the funniest TV episodes of all time are because, for me, there are just too many to good ones to choose from, and I could never narrow it down that much.

And that's our view. What do you think are the funniest TV episodes of all time?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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