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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Guest Post - 5 Reasons Every Family Needs Live Theatre

The following is a guest post by Literally Alive Theater. The opinions expressed may not necessarily express the opinions of Says Me Says Mom. Says Me Says Mom was not finananically compensated for this post.
Share the Experience of Live Theatre with Your Family -
Create Memories that last a lifetime!

Theatre for Young Audiences
5 Reason Every Family Needs Live Theatre:
  1. Affordable!  
    Family theatre tickets offer quality performances that are affordable.  Get our BRAVO-Pak and save $30.  Buy Now!
  2. Intimate!  Smaller theatres mean an up close & personal experience.  Meet the actors after every Literally Alive show!
  3. Live Music!  Many family musicals offer live music.  Our show have the pit in full view of the audience.  Inspire your
    young musician!
  4. Interactive!  Take advantage of family workshops.  Literally Alive offer a family workshop before each performance
  5. Conversation starter!  Theatre gives you a great opportunity for post-performance conversation
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 A Christmas Carol
Coming This December

Tune in tomorrow for a the Sunday Scoop for more information about A Christmas Carol.

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