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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The New York Historical Society Museum

We were not financially compensated for this post. We did receive free tickets to the museum for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.

Me - The New York Historical Society, wow! My favorite part of the museum was the DiMenna Children's History Museum. It had a lot of interactive exhibits. There was an electronic baseball game. You could either be the pitcher or the batter. It was really hard, but it was fun. There was quiz game. It had different subjects. You could pick one. You answered questions if you answered enough right you won a bracelet. My sister and I both won. They also had a library with a ton of books. Aside from the Dimenna Children's History Museum, there were several other sections of the New York Historical Society. There was a special exhibit on Madeline. It was mostly pictures. They also had some of the books that you could read. In another part of the museum there was a lot of artwork. It bored my sister and I. There was an exhibit of objects related to New York City. It included a bagel, a takeout coffee cup, and a door covered with graffiti. That exhibit was really cool. There was also an exhibit on Chinese people in America. I thought it was interesting. It was mostly about immigration. We learned about immigration back in second grade. We even had immigration day. I also once saw an American Citizenship ceremony at a baseball stadium. All in all, most of the museum was interesting and some of it was fun.

Mom - We had a good time at the New York Historical society. My girls really enjoyed the DiMenna Children's History Museum. In addition to the activities discussed in yesterday's review post, they also enjoyed learning about money and how the different states all used to have different systems of money, viewing pictures of famous New York locations as they as there are now and as they used to be in a previous century, and playing a fun video baseball game among other things. We could easily have spent a lot more time there if we were not on such a tight schedule the day we visited. We also really enjoyed the exhibit on A Brief History of New York through 101 objects. It had a good blend of objects to stir quite a mix of emotions at least for me. I felt nostalgic at seeing items, such as, a subway token and a pink rubber ball. I felt amusement at seeing such objects as a food takeout container and a bagel. Although I agree these things are very New York, it just felt funny to see them in a museum. I even felt sadness in seeing items, such as, dust from the World Trade Center. A Brief History of New York seen through 101 Objects will be at the museum through November 30. I also enjoyed the exhibit on Chinese Exclusion/Inclusion. It shed light on a topic I personally knew little about. For instance, while I knew that people of Japanese descent were detained in camps during World War II, I never knew that even before that there was a time when people of Chinese descent were detained in camps and kept from immigrating fully into America.I would have liked to spend more time and go more carefully through the exhibit, however at that point in our visit we were pressed for time, and my younger daughter was getting restless. The Chinese Exclusion/Inclusion exhibit will be appearing through April 19, 2015. We also enjoyed the exhibit on Ludwig Bemelmans. The girls especially loved looking nostalically through his Madeline books which have always been a favorite in our house. I found it especially interesting to find out that Mr. Bemelemans had actually written other books besides the Madeline books. I would have loved to have had more time to look through some of the other books. Unfortunately, I will be unable to since even if I return to theNew York Historical Society Museum in the future, the Ludwig Bemelmans was only open through October 19 and is now closed. However, I am sure there will be other exhibits that are just as interesting opening soon or some time in the future.
And that's our view. What objects do you think of when you think of New York?

Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.

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