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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Terhune Orchards Fall Fun Weekends

Me - Terhune Orchards Fall Fun Weekend, wow! My family went to Terhune Orchards. They had a lot animals. They had goats. They had ponies. They had sheep. They had a lot of crazy birds. They had this one really really cute cat who was wondering freely around the orchard. My sister and I went on pony rides. The pony I was riding's name was Snickers. It was really cute. The person that was leading the pony was really nice. Then, we went on a wagon ride. I was very upset because it didn't have hay. What kind of wagon ride doesn't have hay? When we got out of the wagon ride, we went into the corn maze. The point was to find the 4 signs that were hidden in it; one for each season. We got very very lost. We found fall six times and winter and summer three times. We couldn't find spring until the very end when I finally found it. It was very muddy in the maze. I ruined my sneakers. I needed new ones anyone. My sister's pants got really muddy too. After that, we had lunch. The food was delicious! I had mac n cheese, a biscuit, and a lemon tea Snapple. Then, my sister and I picked pumpkins. I had a lot of fun at Terhune Orchards.
Mom - We had a lot of fun at Terhune Orchards Fall Fun Weekend. We saw a lot of cute animals including a cat that reminded me of one of our cats. There were also a bunch of crazy birds running around. The girls went on on pony rides on pretty little ponies by the names of Snickers and Rain. The wagon ride definitely could have used some hay. Hay rides are not usually the most comfortable rides in the world, but at least hay would have made it a little more comfortable. The corn maze was fun, but after a while when we keep walking around in circles, all of the adults got bored and tired. The girls didn't want to quit, however so I finished the maze with them. They had plenty of pumpkins to choose from and all of them were pretty nice sizes but not too large. Melia always used to pick a really huge expensive pumpkin while Aurella picked  out a much smaller one. This time their pumpkins were a lot closer in size and neither of them was really big. Aurella wanted to paint her pumpkins, but she didn't get to. My husband promised he would get her paint to paint it at home. We had a delicious lunch at the farm. We also bought apple cider donuts and apples. The apples were some of the tasty apples I ever had. They were really sweet and juicy. I would definitely love to back to the orchard just to go apple picking some time.
 And that's our view. What do you like about Fall Festivals?

Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.

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