Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Special - Coming Soon - The Love Note, A New Off Broadway Musical

What: The Love Note

Where: The Actors Temple Theatre
            339 West 47th St.
            New York, New York

When: Opening November 11, 2014

THE LOVE NOTE finds young Jessie at a new school where she attempts to navigate the lunchroom bullies, tween fashionistas and a new crush. Jessie's lonely school lunches are heartened by the tiny pink love note her mother packs into her brown paper bag each day, but once chief-bully Brittany bites into her snatched sandwich, Jessie knows she’s in trouble. Facing the challenge with her magical friend Airy, they concoct a spicy strategy to help Jessie stand up for herself. THE LOVE NOTE explores the trials of being the new kid, learning the ropes of self-reliance and survival techniques that carry into adulthood.

Featuring the creative talents of:

Gail Phaneuf - Writer
(award winning writer and director of many works including Monsters! The Musical)
Russell Garrett - Director
Rachel Ziering - Musical Director
Josh Iocavelli - Set Designer 
Carol Sherry  - Costume Designer
Josh Danzig  - Lighting Designer

We will be talking more about The Love Note in future posts.

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