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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Franklin Square

We were not financially compensated for this post. We received free carousel and miniature golf tickets for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are own based on our experience.
What: Franklin Square

Where: 200 N. 6th Street
            Philadelphia, PA

Who: All ages
Our view: Franklin Square is a great park located in the Historic district of Philadelphia. There is a carousel. It is a pretty typical carousel. Younger children will love it, older children may be bored with it. There is an 18 hole miniature golf course. If you are a fan of old fashioned miniature golf courses like we are, you will love it. Throughout the course, there are models representing Historic Philadelphia sites, such as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Ben Franklin Bridge. There is also a playground. The playground is divided into two sections a section for youngers kids 5 and under and a section for older kids 6 and over. That is pretty standard these days. The younger kids section is pretty typical with the usual swings and climbers. The older kids section was different than any playground we have ever seen before. There were the usual swings. However, instead of having slides there were climbers that almost looked like inverted slides. There were also these unique spinners. Even the monkey bars looked like they were tilted at a weird angle. Anyway, even though it all may have looked strange and unfamiliar to grownups, kids seemed to love it. The spinners were particularly popular. There is also a restaurant called SquareBurger at Franklin Square. The menu is not very varied. However, the food is very good especially the Cake Shake made with Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet which is just as delicious as it sounds. All in all, Franklin Square is a really fun place. For more information or to find out about upcoming special events at Franklin Square go to http://www.historicphiladelphia.org/franklin-square/what-to-see/.
And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for more about Franklin Square.