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Monday, August 4, 2014

Petting Zoos

Me - Petting Zoos, wow! My little cousin had a petting zoo at her birthday party. It was really really cool. If I wasn't too old for birthday parties, I would totally have that for my next party. They had a bird that rode a quad. They had a really fluffy chinchilla. They had a dust bunny. They had other birds too. They had a rat that sat on the birthday girl's head. She didn't mind. She wanted them to put it on her head. I didn't like the rat and wouldn't want it on my head. We got to pet all the animals. Aurella and I didn't even pet the rat. We also went to a petting zoo at one of the county parks. They had ducklings. There were cute. They had a really adorable goat. It's name was Thirteen because it was born on the 13th. There were other goats too. There were a lot of sheep too. One was really annoying and wouldn't stop baaing. There were other birds too including  a turken which is combination of a turkey and a chicken. I like petting zoos.
Mom- I have always liked petting zoos because I love animals especially cute little baby ones. Years ago, when our  local Six Flags first opened there was a petting zoo in the park. The park wasn't actually even a Six Flags then. It was just called Great Adventure. Now, it is Six Flags Great Adventure. In recent years with the renovations to the Wild Safari park attached to the amusement park,  for the first time since those early days there is actually a place in the park where you can pet (and maybe even feed) some of the animals. Many zoos including the Bronx Zoo also have areas within the zoo where you can pet the animals. There are also many zoos where you can feed the animals. Over the years, we have feed Hippos at the San Antonio zoo and Giraffes at the Baltimore zoo among others. I seem to remember that we once even went to a zoo where you could brush the goats. Some of these zoos, my husband and I went to before our daughters were born, and some of them we went to with our daughters. Most recently, we went to a petting zoo at one of our local county parks held by the 4H. They had a lot of birds, sheep, and goats.  It was small but we still had fun there. Our family always has a good time when we are seeing cute little animals.
And that's our view. What is your favorite animal to see at a petting zoo?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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