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Monday, August 11, 2014


 Me- Boating, wow! I have been on lots of boats. I have been on a paddle boat. I have been on a motor boat. I have been on kayak. I have been on a canoe. I have been on a cruise around New York. My favorite kind of boat that I actually steer by myself or with another person is a kayak. That is really fun. When I was little and I went on a canoe with my brother and another boy, it was rocking. My brother said there was too much weight so that  I should jump out. I didn't. I really liked cruising around New York. The motor boat was really fun too because I got to go with my adorable little cousin. I would like to go on a sailboat. I would like to go on an overnight cruise. I would like to go on a Disney cruise. I would like to go to the Statute of Liberty and not just go by it this time, but actually stop and visit. I would like to go on a Circle Line Cruise. Boating is a really fun activity, and I would like to do more of it.
Mom - I have been on many different boats in my life. I have been on a motorboat. I have been on a canoe. I am sure my father remembers that well. I knocked off his sunglasses with an oar into the Raritan River when went canoeing.  I have been on a ferry several times including once or twice to visit the Statue of Liberty. I went on a cruise to the Greek Islands with my grandmother when I was 13. We didn't go to all the Greek Islands but we went to a bunch of them including Rhodes, Crete, and Mykonos.  I have also been on several cruises around New York Harbor. Those, of course, only last an hour or two. I would like to go on an Alaskan cruise someday. Sometimes, when I first get on the boat, the rocking of the boat bothers me. However, once we set out to sea, I feel fine. As a matter of fact, the faster the boat goes, the better I feel. When we went on our Greek cruise, the last day of the cruise the seas were really rough and the boat was rocking a lot. It gave me a really bad headache. That was the worst day I ever spent on a boat.  Boating is okay, but in general I prefer to stay on dry land.
And that's our view. What is your favorite kind of boat?

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