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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Me - Godspell, wow! I recently saw Godspell with my parents and my sister. It was so terrific! I wish it wasn't closing. I didn't really understand that when shows closed they were just gone unless a revival of the show opened and that revivals were not necessarily exactly the same. I thought that shows were always stopping and starting. I loved everything about the show, and it was really funny. My favorite people in the cast were Corbin Bleu and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle. The whole cast, however, was terrific. The show itself was terrific. I thought it was amazing how they opened up certain areas of the stage and there was water or trampolines or stage props. I thought it was even more amazing that the cast was actually able to memorize where all of these were. I thought the songs were all really great, and all of the casts voices were great. We even bought a copy of the CD even though we already had a copy from an older version of the show. This CD had more songs though.The only thing I didn't like about the show was I just didn't really understand the ending. It's a shame the show is closing so soon and more people aren't going to get to see it. I wish I could see it every day until closes because I loved it so much. It inspired me to want to be in a production of the show one day because it seems like so much fun.

Mom - The other day, my husband and I took our girls to New York to see the show Godspell. I had seen it before as well as having seen the movie but never saw it on Broadway before. My six year old had never even been to a Broadway show before. She loved it. My older daughter, a veteran Broadway theatergoer  who had already seen about six or seven shows, loved it as well as did my husband and I. It was incredibly entertaining. The acting and  singing  were top notch. My daughters were thrilled that the cast included Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle of Camp Rock and Hannah Montana or as they are known affectionately in our house Chicken Cordon Blue and Anna Maria Dedada Dedada.  Corbin is a way better actor and singer than I ever would have give him credit for. Anna Maria is adorable and has a beautiful voice. I never realized she was so tiny though. The rest of the cast was equally talented with George Salazar a  particular standout  The set was one of the most interesting I have seen with panels in the floor that could be opened to reveal a baptismal pool, trampolines etc. The costumes reminded me very much of the costumes from the movie. Although the main character's costume was different than in previous versions of the show, they did pay homage to his costume from the original show and the movie. The script was updated enough to keep things fun and interesting for the audience with some references that went right over the heads of the children in attendence and others that didn't. All in all, the audience was kept involved throughout the show clapping and singing along, and at times members of the audience were invited on stage to actually become a part of the production. My girls were especially excited by the newspapers, beads, confetti etc. flying into the audience at various times throughout the show. They each managed to come home with a gold beaded necklace and a pocketful of confetti. The cast seemed to be having as a good a time as the audience which is one of the special things about Godspell. Other shows I would include in that category where the cast seems to be having as a good a time as the audience are Xanadu and Pippin. I would highly recommend all three of them if you ever have the opportunity to see one of them. I would also highly recommend this particular production of Godspell. Unfortunately, it is closing this Sunday. However, if you live in or around the New York area or you intend to be here this weekend, run don't walk and get yourself some tickets to this wonderful show!

And that's our view. What Broadway show would you like to see before it closes?

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