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Monday, June 25, 2012

Game Shows

Me -Game shows, wow! I watch Family Feud, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, Wheel of Fortune and some other game shows too. I hardly ever watch Jeopardy because most of the questions are too hard. Sometimes there are questions I can answer, and  I would like to go on when they have a kids week. I didn't understand why there were so many different hosts on Family Feud until my Mom explained to me that have had several different versions of the show over time with several different hosts. My favorite is John O'Hurley. He's got a good personality, and he seems to know what he is doing the best. I like Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader because I like a show where kids get a chance to compete and can show they can be smarter than adults. Wheel of Fortune is a show that I would really like to be on, but I am too young. It's really easy to play along though and figure out the puzzles. I really like game shows, and I would like to try watching even more. When I am older and know more maybe I will even like Jeopardy as much as my Mom and Dad do if it's still around.

Mom - I have always liked game shows. I especially like the ones where you actually have to know things to win. That is why Jeopardy is my favorite. You really have to know a lot of things to win at Jeopardy. There are no lifelines. There are is no phoning a friend. There is no asking a celebrity and then deciding whether you agree with them or not. There is just you and that little buzzer against two other people. Some people have said that I should go on Jeopardy because I have a really good memory. I had a jeopardy book and there were sample contestant tests in it, and they were really hard. Besides, it is more fun to be at home where you can just yell out the answer and don't have the pressure of the buzzer and  the other contestants. The other game show I usually watch right now is Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune is much easier than jeopardy. You don't have to be as smart to go on Wheel of Fortune. I sometimes watch Wheel of Fortune in fast forward mode, and I can still keep track of what is going on and play along. In fact, I prefer it that way, the normal way is too slow. I didn't use to like Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy. I thought he was kind of full of himself. However, a number of years ago I attended a taping of Jeopardy, and he was really nice to the audience members during commercial breaks talking to them and answering questions and stuff. Ever since then, I have liked him. I know there was at least one other host before him, but I can't imagine Jeopardy without him. Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune always seem liked a nice guy with a good personality, but I have never seen him in person so I don't know. As for Vanna White, her job doesn't seem that difficult but she gets paid a lot to do it, and she gets to wear a lot of nice clothes. The coolest thing about Wheel of Fortune is that you can sign up for the Wheel Watchers club and if your number is picked you will win a trip. Even better than that is if you go to the web-site and answer the bonus puzzle every day, you can earn points that can be traded in for real prizes so you can win without even being on the show. Jeopardy doesn't have anything like that.

And that's our view. What game shows do you watch?

Tune in Thursday for another topic.