I started this blog with one daughter, kept it up with the other, to spend time together doing something we enjoyed.
However, things change and people evolve. My daughters are older, busier, and not as interested in writing.
From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
Nothing else will change. We'll still focus on sharing fun places to go, fun things to do, and more, and we would  still love to hear your views too

Monday, March 26, 2018

Monthly Mash-up for March, 2018 Blankets and Mummenschanz

Me - My topic for this month is blankets. I like blankets. They are really soft and comfortable. I like blankets that are really really fluffy. My cat likes to steal blankets. She likes to sit on them and put her paws all over them. She has this expression on her face when she does it that is really funny. She especially likes my sister's blanket, but my sister gets really annoyed because it's her favorite blanket. My cats thinks it's hers though. I don't have a favorite blanket. I have this blanket that I got when I was little. It came with a stuffed animal and its has dogs on it. I don't really sleep with it anymore though. I just sleep with a big purple quilt unless I am really cold and need extra blankets. I just love blankets!
We were given free tickets to Mummenschanz for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Mom - My topic for this month is Mummenschanz. We recently had the opportunity to see Mummenschanz at the State Theatre New Jersey. Mummenschanz is a Swiss mime troup that performs in masks and with a lot of props. They have been around since the 1970s and even played on Broadway. Their shows don't really have a plot but are really just a serious of sketches. However,  almost two hours is long for a show with no plot and no dialogue. If you like mime, you will love them. If you don't you probably won't. Although, the show is very creative and can be very funny at times, at other times it seems to drag.  The show is extremely family friendly, but I would recommend it more for younger children who are more likely to be entertained and amused by it than older children who are likely to be bored.  For more information about Mummenschanz, visit https://www.mummenschanz.com/3/. For more about upcoming shows and events at State Theatre New Jersey, visit https://www.stnj.org/events

And that's our view. What's on your mind?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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