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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Funtivity Friday on Thursday - Playbill Quizzes

No, it's not a mix up, we are really bringing you a special Funtivity Friday on Thursday. Tonight Escape to Margaritaville opens on Broadway. However, we are unable to bring you our view of this new show until tomorrow. Accordingly, we are bringing you this special Funtivity Friday on Thursday today, and we will bring you a special Theater Thursday on Friday tomorrow.

Playbill is more than just a magazine you get when you go to the theater. Their web-site offers articles, theater job postings, show discounts,  and more. One thing we especially enjoy on their web-site is Playbill quizzes.

There are three main types of quizzes you can find on Playbill:

1) Word based quizzes. These can be about:
 A) A particular show:
       For instance a quiz about the cast of Mean Girls the musical's previous acting credits.

 B) A theme
      For instance shows that involve sports

2) Picture based quizzes
     For instance name the show playing in particular theater by looking at  the theater marquee
     or name the show from the silhouette

3) Sound based quizzes
    For instance Name That Tune where you name songs from shows after listening to short clips:
    They could be songs from a particular show or by a particular composer or more.

There is one thing that all Playbill quizzes have common. They are all fun especially if you love Broadway like we do.


Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday on Friday.

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