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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday -The Museum of the Moving Image

We were given free tickets to the Museum of the Moving Image for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: The Museum of the Moving Image

Where: 3601 35th Ave.
             Astoria, NY

Who: All ages
Me - The Museum of The Moving Image was Interesting. The museum has exhibits related to TV and movies. The museum is located next to the Kaufman Astoria studios, Sesame Street among other thing is filmed there. At the museum there were lots of different exhibits. There was one exhibit called Behind the Screen. This exhibit had things related to movies and TV like costumes including Mrs. Doubtfire's dress. They had all different kinds of movie cameras, and radios and TVs. You could learn a lot about the history of making movies and TV. Also, there was a lot of clips of different movies and TV shows from different periods of time throughout the museum that you could watch including some of Thomas Edison's films. They had cases with objects related to a lot of TV shows and movies including a Partridge Family lunch box my Mom had when she was little. They also had dolls like Pebbles Flinstone, and Linda from Make Room for Daddy. They also had coloring books, games and toys among other things. There were some fun interactive stations. You could add sound effects to a movie scene. You could dub lines in a movie There were also other fun things to do. Over all, the Museum of The Moving Image was fun.

Mom - If you love, movies and/or TV you will love the Museum of the Moving Image. There are movie and TV artifacts like dolls and coloring books and games and more related to various TV shows and/or movies. There are  a large selection of TVs from throughout history, and a large selection of cameras from throughout history and a large selection of radios from throughout history and more. There are costumes. There are celebrity photos. They are celebrity magazines. There are clips of various TV shows and movies to watch throughout the museum. There are interactive exhibits where you can do things like dub lines in a movie, pick out music for a movie scene, and pick out sound effects for a movie. The newest addition to the museum's permanent collection is the recently opened Jim Henson exhibit. That exhibit is so comprehensive that talking about it can take up a whole post on its own. Accordingly, we will talk about it in detail in this week's Saturday Special post. The museum also hosts many different movie showings and events. It truly is a great museum for all even the youngest kids. While most museums don't really have anything to hold young children's attention, at the Museum of the Moving Image even they will find things they will love. Just about anyone will truly enjoy this fun museum.

For more about the Museum of the Moving Image visit www.movingimage.us

For more about upcoming screenings and events at the Museum of the Moving Image visit www.movingimage.us/programs.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.