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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Sterling Hill Mine

What: The Sterling Hill Mine

Where: 30 Plant Street
             Ogdensburg, NJ

Who: All ages

Me- Sterling Hill Mine, wow! Sterling Hill Mine was fun and interesting. It was cool to be that far under ground. There was a really beautiful lake. It was over 600 feet deep. It looked really shallow though. There was an area where everything glowed even my jacket sleeve. There was an area where the rocks all lit up in pretty colors. There was also a nice museum at the mine with a lot of different rocks and things. They even had some real gold. We actually went through the museum before we went through the mine. It is the first part of the tour. They have a lot of cool things in the gift shop at the Sterling Hill Mine including really pretty jewelry and rocks. When my cousins went, they got some really nice rocks. We participated in a rock discovery and got six different kinds of rocks but none of them were as pretty as the rocks my cousins bought. If your looking for a unique place to go, the Sterling Hill Mine is a good choice.*

*The above is a guest post by older sister, Maryn

Mom - If you want to experience something really different than your typical museum, visit the Sterling Hill Mining Museum. The mine was formerly a zinc mine which closed in 1986. It was then purchased by the Hauck family and turned into a museum.A tour of the mine takes about two hours and includes the Zobel Exhibit Hall, a tour of the mine, and the Museum of Fluorescence. Exhibits at the Hall include a mineral gallery, meteorites, fossils, mining equipment, artwork and more. The mine tour is well lit and does not involve a lot of climbing or walking on too rough terrain. The entire tour route is hard-packed gravel and is wheel-chair accessible. However, it does get really cold in the mine even in the summertime so jackets are recommended. Highlights of the tour include the Rainbow Tunnel where everything glows, exhibits of the underground mining process, and the opportunity to view different mining equipment that was actually used in the mine .There is also a Fossil Discovery Center where kids can learn about fossils and even take some home and a Rock Discovery Center where visitors can collect rock specimens of six different types to take home. It is important to note, however that both of these add-ons require an additional fee and the Fossil Discover Center is only open to the public at certain times. Check the web-site for scheduling. All in all, we would definitely recommend a trip to this fascinating venue.

For more information go to http://sterlinghillminingmuseum.org/index.php

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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