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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Theater Thursday - Bella: An American Tall Tale

What: Bella: An American Tall Tale

Where: Playwrights Horizon Mainstage
             416 W. 42nd St.
             New York, NY

Who: Ages 13 and up

When: Through July 3, 2017
Me- Bella: An American Tall Tale was about a woman named Bella who was trying to escape because she did something to this man named Bonny Johnny.  It was a good show. It was very different from most shows I have seen. The plot was very different and the characters were very different and some of the songs. Not all of it was like things that would actually happen in real life.  It was a very fun show though and mostly upbeat. I liked the character of Bella. She had a very good imagination, and she was very nice. I liked the songs too, but I don't really remember them. The acting, singing, and dancing were all very good. Over all, it was an entertaining show.
Mom - Bella: An American Tall Tale is a western themed musical. It is a fun show about a larger than life heroine. It is full of quirky characters.  It is not a show for young children as much of the show revolves around the size of the main character's posterior. In fact, the songs include ones titled "Big Booty Tupelo Gal" and "One Ass to Another." The former is a rousing anthem which was the most memorable song of the show. The rest of the songs are mixed with some better than others. The show is well acted and well sung especially by Ashley D. Kelley as the feisty imaginative heroine. If you are more interested in strictly true to life shows, this may not be the show you are looking for. However, if you are interested in seeing something completely different, you may enjoy this show.
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