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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Where-To-Go Wednesday - The Tour and King Charles III

We were given free tickets to The Tour for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: The Tour

Where: Pick Up at 47th Street & 7th Avenue
            Drop Off 46th Street & 7th Avenue
            New York, New York

Who: All ages


Mom's view: The Tour will take you past such familiar New York landmarks as Central Park, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and The New York Public Library. It is brought to you by the same people who brought you The Ride which we previously talked about in Where-To-Go Wednesday: The Ride and The Ride. While The Ride is more entertaining than informative. The Tour is more informative. However, the information is still presented in a fun way, and not just through a boring recitation of facts. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about New York City, you can still learn things you never knew while on The Tour. Like The Ride, the computerized bus is a large part of the action providing lights, music and videos along with information.  If you just want to be entertained go on The Ride, but if you really want to learn about New York City take The Tour. For more information or to book The Tour go to http://thetournyc.com/
We were given free tickets to King Charles III for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: King Charles III

Where: Music Box Theatre
             239 W. 45th St.
              New York, NY

When: Now through January 31, 2016

Who: Age 16 and up

Mom's view: When I first heard of King Charles III, I thought it was revival of an old play by Shakespeare or one  of his contemporaries. However, it is neither a play from the past nor is it a play about the past. It is modern futuristic play about Prince Charles becoming the King of England. If you are interested in a light comedy, this is not the show for you. While the show does have some funny moments, it is more of a drama. If you are a fan of the British Royal family seeing this show is the next best thing to seeing the real Royal Family live on stage. Sometimes, you  can almost believe you are seeing the real Royal Family as the actors are so good in their roles. Some of them even look a lot like their real-life counterparts. The show is very well-written and the characters for the most part act in ways that one could imagine them acting in real-life  which only adds to the believability. The only exception is the character of Kate who is portrayed a bit harshly here. It is hard to believe the beloved Princess could ever act the way she is portrayed in the show. Those who enjoy romance will enjoy the opposite sides of the track romance of Prince Harry and Jesse . Their bittersweet story is one of the highlights of the show. I would not recommend the show for children who would probably be bored with it. Older teens, particularly girls, might enjoy the romantic aspects of the show, but even they might be bored with the more political aspects. It is more of a show for adults. If you are interesting in going, just be advised the show will only be running through January 31, 2016. For more information or to order tickets go to http://www.kingcharlesiiibroadway.com/
And that's Mom's view. Tune in to tomorrow's Talking Topics for Melia's view of The Tour and King Charles III.

photo credit: All King Charles III photos by Joan Marcus

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