Thursday, November 19, 2015

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Me - Radio City Christmas Spectacular, wow! The Radio City Christmas Spectacular was good. I liked the dancing. The Rockettes were my favorite part. I didn't have a favorite number that they danced to all of them were good. I especially loved when they did their famous kick line. They did it several times throughout the show. This was the second time I saw the Rockettes live. In the Spring, we went to the Spring Spectacular at Radio City, Before that, I never knew the Rockettes sing too and not just dance. Their singing is good but it is not as good as their dancing. I didn't really like that much else about the Christmas show besides the Rockettes.  I especially didn't like that there was not much of story too it. It was mostly just a bunch of disconnected scenes about different Christmas things. I am still glad I saw the show, however, because now I know what it is like. I wouldn't go to see it again. I would go to see the Rockettes again though.

And that's Melia's view. What's your favorite holiday show?

Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.
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