Friday, November 6, 2015

Funtivity Friday - Reading Together

Reading can and should be fun. It also doesn't have to be a solitary activity. Reading can be shared. Here are some fun ways to read with your child and encourage your child to be a reader.

1) Side by Side reading- You read while your child reads something else beside you or at least in the same room. It is no use telling your child to read, if you don't read yourself. You have to be a reading role model and show your child that you read too.

2) Let your child read to you. Don't only have your child read school assigned reading to you. Let them read anything that interests them whether it's a novel, non-fiction book, a comic book, a magazine or whatever. The more interested they are in what they are reading the more likely they will be to keep reading and  learn that reading is enjoyable.

3) Read to your child even if your child already knows how to read.  Maybe, pick a book that is a little bit beyond your child's reading level, but that he or she would still enjoy.

4) Read together. Pick a book that you would both enjoy. Take turns reading it. Either you can each take turns reading pages or you can each take turns reading chapters. If your child is young enough and just learning to read, you can even take turns reading whole books.


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