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Monday, October 10, 2011


Me - Poetry, wow! I really love poetry. In my closet, I have 3 Shel Silverstein books, but there is a new one which I want to get too. I have also read short poem books based on a certain subject, and larger poem books about as long as Shel Silverstein's but written by other authors. I have even read one or two poem books that are different poems written by different authors in the same book. I have poem book called weather which talks about different seasons and the kind of weather in it. My favorite poem is Shel Silverstein's Sick. It is about a girl who says she has all these sicknesses because she doesn't want to go to school. When she finds out it is Saturday, she suddenly feels better and goes out to play.  I like to write poems too. Some day, I hope to write a poem book as long as Shel Silverstein's. I would still be happy to accomplish that even if it never gets published.Over all, I love reading and writing poetry.

Mom -  Although, I am not really that fond of poetry in high school, and as an English major in college, I had to read a lot of it. I mostly like poetry that rhymes. Some poems I do like include Emily Dickinson's 'I'm nobody! Who are you?' and Emma Wheeler Wilcox's 'Solitude' which contains the famous line "Laugh and the world laughs with you." I once did a report on the latter when I was a senior in high school. I like children's poetry and enjoy reading Shel Silverstein's poems with my girls. We love to recite the opening lines of  "Sick, which is my favorite Shel Silverstein poem as well as Melia's. I also remember enjoying poems by A.A. Milne when I was a child. A.A. Milne is ,of course, more famous for creating Winnie the Pooh.  I remember having a whole book of poetry called something like A Child's Garden of Verse. I like limericks but not the bawdy kind and not ones that use made up a words. It is the only kind of poetry I ever really write although I haven't written any in years. I use to be able to take almost any word and build a limerick around it. That was years ago though. Now, I mostly write this blog, and stories for my younger daughter in another blog called Stories for Dora. I don't write poetry at all.

And that's our view. Tune in Friday for another topic.

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