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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Glee Project

Me - The Glee Project, wow! I liked The Glee Project. It was a really good show. My favorite contestant was Damian because he was a nice guy and has a really good voice. I loved the way they put up subtitles because of his accent even though I can understand him perfectly. I don't understand what the deal with Marissa was. She was invisible the first couple weeks, then she was popular for two weeks, and the first week she was in the bottom 3, she was out. It was weird. I did not like the way they did that to her. I liked her. My favorite week was when Idina Menzel was the guest. She is one of my favorite singers. Ever since the first time I heard her name I liked her. My grandparents once took me to one of her concerts. My aunt was actually a childhood friend of Idina's but I never met her. So over all, I enjoyed The Glee Project, and I would definitely watch it again.

Mom - I was pleasantly surprised by The Glee Project. I generally don't like reality shows. However, all the contestants in The Glee Project were actually very talented. There wasn't one who I thought was completely lacking in talent. Of course, as the show went on there were some whose personalities I didn't like. I was not fond of Lindsay and Emily because they were mean and said not nice things about the other contestants. I also thought Lindsay was very fake. If she cried, it was because she thought they wanted her too not because she  was really feeling that emotional. Alex also was not always nice to the other contestants. My favorite contestant was Damian, and I am so glad he was one of the co-winners. He has a great personality, a great accent, and is cute (as Melia always reminds me). I didn't like that all four finalists actually won a little bit since two of them will have a 2 week role on Glee and two of them will have a 7 week role on Glee. I mean if they were all going to win why did I have to bother watching that final week. I liked that viewers did not get to vote on any results except for fan favorite and that Ryan Murphy and others actually involved with Glee chose who was eliminated every week and who eventually won. I love that the choreographers were the real Glee choreographers and the song people were the real people who do the songs for Glee. I have to admit now that I have seen the Glee project when I am watching Glee I sometimes think about the actors going over their choreography with Zach and Brooke or recording their music with Nikki or Adam Anders. All in all, I really enjoyed The Glee Project, and I would definitely would watch another season of it.

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