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Monday, August 12, 2019

More Theater Monday - Broadway Bounty Hunter

We were given free tickets to Broadway Bounty Hunter for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Broadway Bounty Hunter

Where: Greenwhich House
             27 Barrow Street
             New York, NY

Who:Recommended for Ages 16 and Up

When: Through August 18, 2019

Me - Broadway Bounty Hunter was a really good show. It's about an out of work Broadway actress named Annie Golden who is struggling to find work when suddenly she is approached to become a bounty hunter. It was written by Jason Sweet Tooth Williams, Lance Rubin, and Joe Iconis.  I would support, Joe Iconis, to the ends of the earth. As I mentioned in a previous post, he is sunshine in human form. As is true of all of his work,  this show and its music are unlike anything you've ever seen or heard before. The singing and acting were incredible. The entire cast, but especially, the star, Annie Golden have so much talent. There is also a lot of humor and even some romance interspersed among fierce action scenes.  The show also has a a strong message of feminism as you can tell even from the tagline "Drop Kick the Patriarchy." Over all, if you're looking for an original story about a woman who learns to save herself or if you just love Joe Iconis, then I would recommend Broadway Bounty Hunter.

Mom - Broadway Bounty Hunter is a very different kind of show. It is like an action movie in musical form. It is about a character named Annie Golden, and it stars an actress named Annie Golden. The character is an actress of a certain age as is the real Annie Golden and their lives are parallel in many ways, but they are not exactly the same person. If you are familiar with the real Annie Golden's career up to this point, the show will be somewhat nostaligic for you as some of her previous roles are mentioned in the show and there are even some playbills and/or memorabilia from them that are part of the set. Although this show sets out to break stereotypes about both age and gender, which is a` notable cause, it may be a little too unique for everyone's tastes. However, if you are looking for a show about an admirable female character who learns to be strong, this show is a good choice.

For more information about Broadway Bounty Hunter or to purchase tickets, visit

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

Photo credits: All Broadway Bounty Hunter production photos by Matthew Murphy

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