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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Where-To-Wednesday - Harry Potter: A History of Magic

We were given free tickets to Harry Potter: A History of Magic for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Where: New York Historical Society
              170 Central Park W. 77th St.
              New York, NY

Who: Tweens and Up

When: Through January 27, 2019

Me- Harry Potter: A History of Magic was an interesting exhibit. It was about the Harry Potter books, but also more about the history of magic in general. It was fascinating to learn about the history of magic and how it relates to the books. However, it would have been more enjoyable if it had more to do with the books. They did have a few fun interactive part of the exhibits. There was one part where you could predict your future using computer generated cards. There was another place where you had to put together a potion. My sister failed, and she had to try again. I succeeded on my first try. There was a crystal ball but it really didn't seem to do anything. There were some nice pictures of the characters in the books and some memorabilia like brooms and costumes. They was a whole huge section of Harry Potter merchandise for sale. It was cool stuff though. They had sweaters and hats for every Hogwarts house and lots of little figurines and stuffed animals and much more. Even though Harry Potter: A History of Magic many not be the  best possible Harry Potter exhibit ever,  if you really love Harry Potter, you will probably enjoy it.

Mom - Harry Potter:  A History of Magic, the exhibit currently at the New York Historical Society is quite extensive. It is also in a very tight space and can be very crowded. Accordingly, reservations are not only recommended, but they are required. This also makes it not a very good place for babies or very young children. They probably wouldn't have much interest in the exhibit anyway because if you really want to get the full experience, there is quite a lot of information to read. Much of the exhibit is not specifically about Harry Potter but about real history and how it relates to things in the Harry Potter universe. It was interesting but at times there was too much of it, and it would have been better to have more  of the exhibit directly about the Harry Potter series and less historical information. There were a lot of really exciting artifacts that were part of the exhibit. There was original artwork, novel pages with JK Rowlings notes, letters from the publisher to JK Rowling, and a model of the  Hogwarts Express to name just a few.  The exhibit was so vast that it is hard to remember it all since no pictures were permitted in the main part of the exhibit.The pictures here are all from the outer perimeter of the exhibit where photographs were permitted. If you are a huge Harry Potter fan, and you are looking for an exhibit that solely focuses on the Harry Potter franchise, you may be a little disappointed. However, there is still enough directly related to Harry Potter in this exhibit that you won't want to miss it.

For more information or to purchase tickers to the exhibit, visit https://harrypotter.nyhistory.org

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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