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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tips for Tuesday - Movies: Beauty and the Beast

Me - Today I am recommending the live action Beauty and the Beast. It was amazing! I love it! I liked the songs both the new songs and the original songs. I like too many of them to pick a favorite. My favorite character is Belle. She is brave, and she doesn't care what the other people think about her. She is a good role model for girls. I also like Chip because he is cute. They did a good job picking the actor's to play the parts. They were all really good. From what I remember I think the changes they made from the animated movie to the live action movie were good. However, I don't remember much about the animated movie because I haven't seen it in a while. I never saw the Broadway show so I can't compare it to that. Anyone would like this movie. I love it, and I would really recommend it.

Mom - Today I am also recommending the live action Beauty and the Beast. It is a great movie for anyone because it is like a lot of different kinds of movies rolled into one, and therefore it has something that will appeal to almost everyone. It is has action, it has romance, it has humor, and it has just enough of each.  It has all the best songs from the animated movie and/or  the Broadway show including Belle, Gaston, and the title song plus additional songs. Of course, there are songs from the stage show at least that are left out, but I don't think the movie misses anything without those songs. The casting is great starting with Emma Watson who makes a lovely Belle right on through the cast. The movie is similar enough to the original animated movie and the Broadway show to have maintained what was good about them and different enough to stand on its own. All in all , it is just a well put together and very entertaining movie.
photo credit: chris.alcoran Song as old as rhyme. via photopin (license)