Friday, March 17, 2017

Funtivity Friday - Making Shoveling Snow Fun

Nobody likes shoveling snow. It is not even a healthy form of exercise. However, here are some ways to make it more fun.
1) Snow Plow  - If the snow is not really icy and stuck hard to the ground just push it along and pretend you are using a snow plow.

2) Snow Pile - See how a high of a pile of snow you can make.

3) Snow War - Have a snow pile competition to see who can build the biggest snow pile.

4) Snow flinging - See how far you can fling snow off a shovel.

5) Snow Kicking - See how far you can kick loose piles of snow.


Tune in Sunday for this week's Sunday Scoop.

photo credit: jjjj56cp DSC_3353e plowing through via photopin (license)

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