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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Theater Thursday - Waitress, Pippin, and Ring Twice for Miranda

What: Waitress

Where: Brooks Atkinson Theatre    
             256 W. 47th St.
             New York, NY

Who: Teens and Up
Me - Waitress was amazing! Everything about it is great. The story is interesting. The acting is awesome. Even though most of the cast has already changed from the original cast, it's still a great show. We saw it when Jesse Mueller still played the lead role of Jenna. However, she recently left the show. Sarah Barielle's, who wrote the songs, will soon be taking over temporarily. That should be interesting. One original cast member still in the show is Christopher Fitzgerald. He plays Ogie. There is this one number that he does called Never Ever Getting Rid of Me. It is the funniest number ever. It is hilarious! Over all, I love the songs. They are wonderful! I go around all the time singing them. It's practically all I ever want to listen to. I like all the songs, and I can't pick a favorite although there are some I like better than others. The show has a lot of funny parts. It is hilarious. They actually sell real pies at the theater. They are very small and cost a lot. However, they smell and taste delicious. The whole theater smells like apple pie. There is actually an oven in the lobby where they bake a pie, but they don't sell that one. They sell ones that are ready made. I love all the interesting pies that the character of Jenna makes up in the show. You can actually get a recipe book of those pies, but I don't know if they sell it at the theater or not. It is the best show ever, and I would really highly recommend you go see it!
We were given free tickets to Pippin for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: Pippin

Where: State Theatre, New Jersey
             15 Livingston Ave.
             New Brunswick, NJ 
             (For future tour dates and locations go to http://www.pippinthemusical.com/index.php)
When: March 24, 2017

Who: Teens and Up
Me - I enjoyed Pippin. The story was very different than anything I have seen before. It was about a guy who was trying to find his purpose in life, and in the process he tried all these different things. It was good and entertaining.  It was a very funny show. The characters were unique in interesting ways. There was even a duck, but it wasn't a real duck. The acting was good. I liked the songs too. My favorite is Corner of the Sky. However, a lot of the songs are good. I had heard a lot of the songs before because my mom, and my dad, and my sister saw the show before even though I didn't. There were a lot of really cool circus parts in the show. They made the show more interesting. Even though they had all the circus elements they still had some dance in it too. The dance was nice. If you ever have the chance you should go see it, it's a good show.
Mom - Pippin is a great show. It is one of those rare shows where it is a toss up as to who enjoys it more the cast or the audience. It is full of interesting characters and delightful memorable songs. Probably the most famous song from the show is Corner of the Sky. However, the rest of the score is really great too. The current touring version of the show which recently played the State Theatre New Jersey in New Brunswick, New Jersey is based on the Broadway revival of the show. This version of the show played on Broadway from 2013 to 2015 and was nominated for ten Tonys and won four including Best Revival of a Musical. This version of the show had some small changes to the plot, but the biggest difference was the addition of circus elements to the show. The circus elements work well for the story and are very entertaining. They include acrobatics, balancing and even the character of a grandmother swinging on a trapeze. Having seen both the tour and the Broadway version of the show, I can definitely say, the tour is of equal caliber to the Broadway version. The cast is equally talented and equally suited to their roles. Over all, the show is equally as entertaining. It is just a blast of fun from beginning to end.
We were given free tickets to Ring Twice for Miranda for review purposes. Any and all opinions are our own.

What: Ring Twice for Miranda

Where: City Center Stage II
             131 W. 55th St.
             New York, NY

When: Now through April 16, 2017

Who: Recommended for Ages 16 and Up
Mom - If you are looking for a light happy show, this is not it. However, if you are fascinated by doomsday scenarios and what will happen if the world descends into chaos, you may enjoy it. The world of the show is ruled by a character named Sir whose house is haven from the hell that the outside world has become, and he gets to decide who stays and who goes. Miranda is the maid who keeps him entertained but not in the way you would think. Elliot is the butler, and when he is thrown out she goes with him. They'll have to try to survive on the mean streets or find a way to get back into Sir's house and his good graces. The show is well written and well acted and definitely not predictable. The interesting set makes good use of the small stage. If you are interested in a completely unique theatrical experience, you may want to give this show a try.
And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.
Photo credits: All Ring Twice for Miranda photos by Russ Rowland

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