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Monday, March 21, 2016

Total Vocal

What: Total Vocal: A Contemporary A Capella  Concert

Where: Carnegie Hall

When: March 20, 2016
Me - Total Vocal was really good. I liked the singing. They all had very nice voices. I liked the song Try, and I loved the song Love Shack. I wish that the groups that were in Pitch Slapped got to do more. They only got to sing background in two songs. I had hoped they were going to do more, and that is what I was most excited about before I went to the show. I thought it was strange that in the concert they sang  the Spiderman theme song. I thought it was amazing that they could even make the Spiderman song sound really beautiful and nice. I hated the movie Pitch Perfect 2, and I didn't really like the music in it. However, they sang a couple songs from that  in the concert and made them sound good too. It was cool to be in Carnegie Hall, and the sound was incredible. Even when people were clapping you could hear it really loud. Apparently, they did a show like this last year too, but I didn't  know about it so I didn't go until this year. It was both my mom and my first experience seeing an A Cappella Concert and first experience seeing a concert at Carnegie Hall. It was really good. If they have another show like this next year, I would definitely go again.*

*The above post is by younger sister, Aurella who starting this week will go from doing guest posts to becoming a more regular part of the blog.

Mom - I just love A Capella  music, but I never had a chance to attend an A Capella concert before. I am so glad I got to go to this one. It was a great!. The show was conducted arranged and directed by Deke Sharon familiar to audiences of the TV show Pitch Slapped where he lead the high school A Capella group Stay Tuned in the summer invitationals last year. He has also worked on the TV show, The Sing-Off as well as the movies, Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. He is great, and he did a wonderful job with this show.  I really loved the song choices including songs from the TV shows The Sing-Off and Pitch Slapped as well as from the movie Pitch Perfect 2. I didn't actually like the songs in the movie Pitch Perfect 2 when I saw them in the movie probably because I didn't really like the movie, but even those songs sounded good here. Other songs included The Carpenters, Close to You; Coldplay's Fix You and a Beatles Medley among others.  The singing voices were all beautiful. However, like like my daughter I was disappointed that the groups from the TV show Pitch Slapped didn't get to do more. I hadn't heard of any of the other groups appearing in the show although they were all good. Actress, Chrissy Fit, who played the character Florence "Flo" Fuentes in the movie Pitch Perfect 2 also appeared in this concert. She sang Try. I didn't really like her character in the movie, but she sounded good here. I like her much better as herself than as her character in the movie.  The audience even got the opportunity to get in on the action by singing along to the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight at the very end of the concert. All in all, Total Vocal was totally fun and totally entertaining and I would totally go to another concert like this if I ever had the chance.

And that's our view. What is the most entertaining concert you've ever been to?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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