Friday, March 4, 2016

Funtivity Friday - Award Show Fashion Score Card

Here is a fun game we played while watching the Academy Award but you could do it with any award show.
What you will need:


What to do:

1) On the paper right down the following categories: Shoes, Clothes, Hair, Jewelry. (you can add other categories if you want)

2) When watching the award show every time you see something you especially like  in a particular category make a check mark in that category.

3) If you want, after the show you can compares list to see who liked more.

Here are some different ways to play Award Show Fashion Score Card.

1) Instead of just making checking marks actually assign numbers to the fashion items you like.
2) Do an additional paper for fashion you especially dislike. Then, if you want you can compare the two.
3) If you want you don't even have to write anything down just give each item a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

4) Play your own home version of Fashion Police by commenting on all the fashion.

What do you think would be a fun way to play Award Show Fashion Score Card?


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photo credit: 6.Spy via photopin (license)

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