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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Museum at FIT: Fairy Tale Fashion and Babes in Arms

Me- The Museum at FIT: Fairy Tale Fashion exhibit was very interesting. It was interesting to see how different the outfits looked from how I am used to seeing them. I really liked Dorothy's ruby's red slippers. There were a bunch of different ruby slippers. However, there was one pair that really looked like the ones in the movie The Wizard of Oz. They also had some outfits from The Wizard of Oz. I liked them too. There was one for the witch and one for Dorothy. I am pretty sure there were ones for the Tin Man and the Scarecrow too. I am not sure if there was one for the lion too, but there probably was. There were also many outfits from Alice in Wonderland. There was the white rabbit. There was Alice. There was the Mad Hatter. There was the Queen of Hearts. I don't remember if there was anyone else from Alice in Wonderland. There was one of Little Red Riding Hood's outfits where the hood was so long that you couldn't even see the mannequin. There was a lot other cool stuff too. I had a lot of fun visiting this exhibit, and I think you would too so you should really check it out.*
*The above post is a guest post by younger sister, Aurella
Me - Babes In Arms was about these people that wanted to put on a show in a barn. There was this funny part that was supposed to be a take off of Charles Lindbergh who was the first person to fly across the Atlantic solo. In real life, he flew from New York to Paris. In the show, the character, who was not named Charles Lindbergh, flew from Paris to Newark . I liked the show, and I liked the story. I liked that it was about kids that wanted to perform a show. I liked the songs. My favorite song  was The Lady is a Tramp. The acting was really good too. There was young kid that was an incredible dancer. His dancing was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole show. I really liked the costumes especially this one girl's blue dress with big white polka dots.  It had white ruffly material underneath, and the whole outfit was really pretty. Over all, I think Babes in Arms was a good fun entertaining show, and it's a show for everyone except really little kids.*

*The above post is a guest post by younger sister, Aurella.

Photo credits: All Babes in Arms photos courtesy of Musicals Tonight

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