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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Ice Skating

 What: Ice Skating

Where: Various Locations (see below for some in New York and New Jersey)

Who: All ages
Our view: Something fun and active you can do with your family in the winter is go ice skating. Some public skating rinks are indoors. Thus, even places where it never gets cold enough to be sure the ice is safe enough to skate on outside or places where it never gets cold at all, you can find rinks. Other public skating rinks are outdoors. We have even been to a rink that is an indoor rink but has a half open roof so it is like being indoors and outdoors at the same time. When ice skating, always remember to lace your skates tightly so that they provide proper ankle support. We have made the mistake of not lacing our skates tight enough in the past, and we could barely stand up let alone skate. Also, remember that those spins and jumps that look so easy on TV may not be so easy in life if you haven't had the proper training. If you or your child want to do that, you might want to take lessons. Generally, all skating rinks offer some kind of lessons.
 Here are a few public skating rinks in New York:

Chelsea Piers Sky Rink
61 Chelsea Piers #2, New York, NY

Figure Skating in Harlem
1317 Third Avenue, New York, NY 

Laser Ice Rink
110 Malcom X Blvd., New York, NY

Rink at Rockefeller Center
 601 5th Avenue, New York, NY

Wollman Rink
830 5th Avenue, New York, NY
Here are a few public skating rinks in New Jersey:
Clary Anderson Arena
41 Chestnut Street, Montclair, NJ

Floyd Hall Arena
28 Clove Road, Little Falls, NJ

Ice House
111 Midtown Bridge Approach, Hackensack,, NJ

Union Sports Arena
2441-A Route 22, West Union, NJ

Ice Land
6 Tennis Court, Hamilton, NJ

 And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for another Talking Topic.

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