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Monday, March 16, 2015

Let's Talk About Disney Fairies

 Me -Disney Fairies, wow!

My favorites:
Silvermist. She is pretty. She is a water talent fairy. 
Rosetta: I like her because her voice is done by Kristen Chenowith, and I like Kristen Chenowith.

I know all the fairies and their talents.
Faun is an animal fairy.
Irisdessa is a light fairy.
Vidia is a fast speed fairy.
Terence is a dust fairy sparrow man.
Tinkerbelle is a tinker fairy.

 I have only seen one of the fairy movies, but I would like to see the others. The one I saw is The Great Fairy Rescue. We saw a special showing of it in a movie theater even though fairy movies are not usually in the movie theater. I have not seen the other fairy movies, but I'd like to.

I also have a fairy DS game. It is Tinkerbelle and the Great Fairy Rescue. It has nothing to do with the movie though except that the human girl character, Lizzy, who is in the movie, is in the game. I like the game, but I have finished it. I used to have another Tinkerbelle game. I forget what the name was. You had to help the prime ministers get ready for the seasons. Sometimes, it could be boring because you kept having to do things over and over again.

When I was about 3, I was Tinkerbelle for Halloween. When Aurella was 4, she was Tinkerbelle and wore the same costume. I really like the fairies.
Mom - Disney Fairies are  like Disney Princesses in that it seems that Disney put them together to sell more merchandise and like with the Disney Princesses it works. As we all know, Disney knows plenty about merchandising. The difference in this case is that while all the Disney Princesses actually came from different movie as far as I am aware other than Tinkerbelle, the Disney Fairies were all made up just to be part of the Disney Fairies. Also, while as far as I know there are no Disney movies that involve all of the Disney Princesses unless it is movie that contains scenes from different movies, there actually are movies about all of the Disney Fairies.

Our family saw the fairy movie The Great Fairy Escape (or something like that). We saw it in the movie theater even though, it was a direct-to-video movie as have been most if not all of the other fairy movies so far, to my knowledge. Our newspaper used to have an on-line group for Moms. They held a contest to win tickets to a special premiere of the movie which was actually held in a movie theater even though the movie did not play in a movie theater after that. Unfortunately, that on-line group no longer exists. I miss it though.We won tickets to lots of movies from them including Secretariat, Beastly, and Tangled.

As for the Fairies, maybe partly because they are not from any movies aside from the ones they are are in with the other fairies, I do not even remember their names and/or which one is which. The only ones I know are Rosetta, a red headed fairy, who is voiced by Kristin Chenowith; Vidia, a fairy with attitude, who had a big part in The Great Fairy Rescue; and of course, Tinkerbelle.

And that's our view. Do you like the Disney Fairies?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

photo credits:
photo credit 1: Tinker Bell stained glass window at World of Disney via photopin (license)
 photo credit 2: Honda Insight EX Hybrid Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Promotional in the Main Entrance Plaza via photopin (license)

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