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Monday, January 12, 2015


 Me - Hello. These are some colors that I like red, blue, purple, green, orange, and pink. I also like a lot of other colors. My favorite colors are all the shades of purple. My Mom, Dad and Melia love purple too. Melia's favorite color is magenta. My Mom and Dad like all different colors of purple just like me. Purple is so so pretty. I love purple more than any color in the world. For a little while, I went through a phase were I loved blue. I don't know why. Blue is so not purple. I love pink too but not as much as purple. Purple is way better than all the other colors. I am obsessed with purple. There are no colors that I don't like. I like every color.  My most favorite colors besides purple are all the colors of the rainbow. I really love rainbows. They are so pretty. The prettiest colors of the rainbow are red, indigo, and violet. Those colors are so pretty. I love them all. Over all, I love a lot of colors especially purple. Goodbye*

*The above is guest post by younger sister, Aurella

Mom - I cannot believe how many variations of color there are. Even colors like red where you would think there could only possibly be one kind of red, there are still many different shades. There are crimson, scarlet, coral and ruby to name just a few. There are just an amazing number of shades of colors out there. Although, of course, I like some colors better than others, there is not really a color that I don't like. I might not be as crazy about a particular shade of color as I am about another, however. My favorite color is and always has been purple.  I love all kinds of purple. It is my husband and my daughter, Aurella's favorite color too. Some colors have such interesting names. There is cerise, eggshell, and burgundy to name just a few. Other colors have really unusual names. I have found colors called baby blue eyes, barbie pink, and French bistro. I mean I don't have a concept of what some of these colors are. I wonder where colors get their name. Who in the world could come up with some of these crazy names? With so many colors in the world to choose from I don't understand why some people only want to fill their wardrobe with neutral tones like blacks, and whites and grays. I like to have a colorful wardrobe. I have to admit, however, it is not as colorful as I would like it to be and I do have a lot of neutral tones like blacks and whites and grays. I do, however,  have shoes in many different colors and earrings in many different colors. I just love how many beautiful colors there are in the world.

And that's our view. What is your favorite color?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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