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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday Special - Thicket & Thistle's What's Your Wish

We were given tickets to Thicke & Thistle's What's Your Wish for review purposes. Any all opinions expressed here are our own.

This marks the first in a series of posts we will be running in the next week or two regarding shows and events from this year's New York Musical Festival which is currently running and will be running through Sunday August 5. For more about this year's New York Music Festival or to purchase tickets to one of the remaining shows or events, visit http://www.nymf.org/festival.

What: Thicket & Thistle's What's Your Wish

Where: 2018 New York Musical Theatre Festival
             Acorn Theatre
             Theatre Row
             410 W. 42nd St.

Who: Ages 8 and Up

When: This even took place on
            Monday July 16, 2018
            Thursday July 19, 2018
            Friday July 21, 2018

Mom's view: It's Nicholas' 16th birthday, and he and his good friend, Brian get sucked into the pages of a fairytale. They have to find their way through the Death Forest to locate the Enchantress to grant them their wish so they can return home. From this description, you would think the show is  a lot more scary than it actually is. While there are moments that can be a bit scary in the show, and I would not recommended the show for very young children, mostly it is just a supremely entrancing and delightfully amusing musical full of highly entertaining songs and great characters like a Fairy who wants to get her wings back, and an enchanted rat (the character is a lot less creepy than it sounds).  Even though all the old famous fairytales are great, it is so nice to see one that is completely new. While many of the other shows in this year's festival seemed so focused on being timely or getting some kind of message across, it was nice to see one like this that was just pure fun.


For more about Thicket & Thistle's What's Your Wish, and to find out when and if the show is going to be performed in other locations, visit their website at https://www.thicketandthistle.org/

And that's Mom's view. Tune in tomorrow for this week's Sunday Scoop.

Photo credits: All What's your Wish production photos by Shani Hadjian

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